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Hi!  I'm Sejal.  I love all things health, fitness, girly, and now mama related.  Thanks for reading!

Chasing after the Eggs

Chasing after the Eggs


Day 3

Today is day 3 of the Stimming process.  What this means is that I’ve had 2 days of hormone injections that help stimulate my Ovaries to release multiple eggs (vs the 1 that is normally released).  I feel fine so far. A little bloated but not emotional. And the shots are really not that bad. It’s a little stressful at first mixing the meds together but after doing it a few times you get the hang of it.  And the needles totally don’t hurt though one of the meds burns. Eeeeek!

Day 5

I’ve had 5 days of shots.  And honestly I don’t feel that different mentally.  I’m surprised. I’m also less bloated than day 1 and 2.  I’m not sure how that is possible but I’ll take it. The shots have been fine and I’ve even been doing them myself the last 2 days since Edward is out of town.  Today I went in for an Ultrasound and all looks good. I have about 20 follicles at the moment. They were on the smaller side so they increased 1 of my meds which is the typical process I guess.  So far the process has been pretty easy. My guess is I’ll get more uncomfortable as the follicles grow.

Day 7

Today marks 7 days of shots.  I’m a little more bloated but still able to SoulCycle which saves me mentally!  I’ve had headaches but other than that it hasn’t been too bad physically. And while I’m a little more emotional it has been manageable though Edward has been out of town so I’m curious to see what he says when he gets back.  That said - he’s been out of town which means I’m doing ALL my shots on my own. And I kind of feel like a badass! My follicles are all growing now and are similar sizes around 7 to 8 mm which I guess is good. My egg retrieval isn’t for another week which is longer than I expected but my follicles were slow to start growing.  I’m being patient though I can’t wait until I’m done.

Day 9

Ok I’ve done 9 days of shots.  I wish I was closer to being done.  I’m just feeling big. It isn’t terrible yet but my pants are tighter.  And I’m definitely more emotional. It’s crazy because I have all this time while I’m uncomfortable from shots to think about whether I really want to be pregnant again - the answer is NO I don’t want to be pregnant again but I want another baby.  But I’m also tired from the shots and irritable and then sometimes I’m not even sure I want another baby. What a mindfuck. But I told myself one step at a time. First we move forward and see what our options are….

Today was another ultrasound.  There were about 11 bigger follicles measuring 11 to 12 mm.  So they are growing nicely - yay! Of course I was bummed that there were only 11 big ones.  But I guess you only really need 1. My method for going through this process has been to not ask any questions.  I never ask how many follicles, where should I be at this stage, what is good, etc. etc. But for some reason I did today and of course now that I have the information I want to self diagnose myself by looking online.  I’m going to force myself not to though because statistics are not in my favor so I’m just going to pretend I’m clueless and live in the land of “my eggs are amazing” because I somehow defy age. This way I stay positive and happy….which I think ultimately is the best thing for a good outcome.  :)

Day 11

OMG this is intense.  I’m really uncomfortable now and my stomach is huge.  No joke it’s like I’m 4 months pregnant. I feel really really full.  I just got back from another ultrasound though and there are still about 12 good follicles measuring between 14 - 16 mm.  We’re on track for retrieval probably in 3 days. I can’t wait! I’ll know more tomorrow.

Day 12

Ok we have a date for retrieval!  It’s Saturday which is 2 days from now.  And we have about 15 good size follicles!  Yay! But I’m feeling really really uncomfortable.  And also really really emotional. This has been a really intense couple weeks.  Edward has been INSANE busy with work and traveling and I’ve been on my own with this stuff.  Not because he didn’t want to be involved but because well life. That said, it has been hard because I feel alone and right now I’m trying to keep from having a meltdown because I don’t want to add more stress to my body.  So I’m just going to try and rest knowing the end is in sight.

The most stressful thing about today was figuring out how to give myself my Trigger shot (the one that makes me ovulate 36 hours later for retrieval).  Edward wasn’t going to be home so I asked Rebeca to do it. She’s a pro thank God! I had to do it exactly at 7pm but when I looked at the needle I freaked out because it was 3 times bigger than my other shots.  I kind of just panicked and stood there but she took control and did it before I even counted to 3. I love this woman!

Day 13

Retrieval is tomorrow.  I can’t wait. Nothing really to report except I’m insanely uncomfortable.  It’s like period cramps on steroids. Deep breaths.

Day 14 - Egg Retrieval Day!

Today was retrieval day.  It was scheduled for 6am which meant we had to be there at 5am.  So I basically woke up at 2:30 from major major cramps and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I was convinced that I had ovulated already and this would all be for nothing. But realistically that almost never happens since the Trigger shot is designed for you to ovulate exactly 36 hours after and my retrieval was 35 hours after.  But of course since I couldn’t sleep I spent 2 hours on the internet reading about the chances that I had ovulated already. Bleh.

The retrieval itself wasn’t so bad.  I was kind of nervous but the nurses and Doctor Huong (Dr. Rosen was out of town) were so amazing.  The procedure takes 20 minutes from what I was told but they knock you out so you don’t know anything that’s happening.  I literally woke up and asked if it was done already. The last thing I remember is chatting with the Anesthetic nurse for like 2 minutes and I was out!  I woke up and Edward was next to me. I was definitely out of it and had some cramping for which they gave me pain meds so it was totally manageable. I rested for 45 minutes and we were on our way home!  All before 8am. But the best part was that they retrieved 28 eggs. WHAT!!?? That was insane to me. I thought we were only going to get around 12 which I was going to be happy with. I’m sure they won’t all be mature but hey I’ll take the extra eggs!  Yippee! Seriously I have so much trust in my body (knock on wood) but I’m just feeling grateful right now.

Blast Away

Blast Away

Baby #2?

Baby #2?